A Powerful Note From a Past Graduate

The Mini School is very pleased and proud to have received the following letter from a former graduate.  It is with great honour to put up this post.


Hi Everyone!

Well it has definitely been a while. I just felt like I should touch base with you all and let you know what an impact you had on my life. I am currently half way done my fourth year of nursing school and will be an RN in May. I also am heading to Ghana, Africa at the end of January for six weeks to help out in their hospitals and villages. I wanted to let you all know that you really prepared me to get through university. I also strongly believe that without the mini school program that you all were so dedicated to I wouldn’t be where I am today. You really taught us how to push ourselves and try new things. It was now 8 years ago that I was crying my eyes out at Strathcona wanting to go home. Now I am heading across the world. It is because of you guys and mini school that I have the confidence in myself to take on the amazing opportunity of working in West Africa. Thank you all so much. I will be in touch!

-Jill Schulmeister, Mini School Grad 2006

About bsoong

Vice Principal at Gladstone Secondary School in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Son, husband and father. Sports and movie fan.
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