News of Past Grads of the Mini School

We have been lucky enough to hear about some of the McNair Mini School past graduates. They are all over the world doing some great things!  Here are just a few:

Carlie Painter who graduated in 2003 is now a teacher at one of McNair’s feeder schools. We knew way back then she would be a wonderful teacher and she truly is.

Christina Suto who also graduated with Carlie, is also a teacher for the Richmond School Board.

Joel Garner continues to act in local commercials and is on his way to becoming a teacher in BC.

Maggie Liu who spent some time teachings in the UK has actually returned to McNair as a Social Studies teacher. The funny thing is she is teaching in the very room she was taught!

Ethan Cox was the 15th recipient of the BNY Mellon Wealth Management Hockey Humanitarian Award, created to acknowledge outstanding student-athletes who have embraced humanitarian efforts with unbounded passion, while on a hockey scholarship at Colgate University, NY.

Shaheen Allibhai who graduated in 2008 is currently in Uganda doing work in a library for 3 months.

Jared Lim has done a term of school in Sweden and some touring around the world including Thailand during the riots some time back. Luckily he was not caught in any of it.

Taryn Lim, sister of Jared above, was just called by the UBC women’s soccer team coach to tell her she made the team! Congratulations to Taryn!

Charmaine Lum and Michelle Nath are both qualified teachers and are currently working abroad in Australia.

Joann Liu is also a teacher in a K-12 school but in the Yukon. This is after returning home from time spent teaching in the UK.

Chris Booton finished his plumbing ticket last year and was unemployed for a full 45 minutes!

Amanda Chow and Jill Schulmeister are both registered nurses in BC.

Vignan Yogendrakumar was accepted to Medical School at UBC just last year.

There are so many little tidbits about our grads that come back to McNair.  As we hear them, we will pass them along!  Former grads of the McNair Mini School, we miss you!  If anyone out there hears anything else, please feel free to pass it along to


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Vice Principal at Gladstone Secondary School in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Son, husband and father. Sports and movie fan.
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