Shall I Compare thee to a Shakespearean Sonnet?

This is a small collection of Shakespearean-inspired sonnets from Ms. Gin’s English 10 mini class.  Shakespeare wrote 154 sonnets in his lifetime!  The sonnets below are each student’s very first attempt at writing a sonnet. Enjoy!

Sonnet 1 – Snowboarding

It’s cold outside and wintertime is near;

Winter means one thing to me: snowboarding.

Gentle snow swirls, makes the sky less clear,

Carving down mountains, I love that feeling.

Gliding full speed down a hill feels so swift,

It’s funny watching all those skiers go slow.

I’ve reached the bottom, now back on the lift,

The bails I have only make me grow.

The love of the sport, the love of the glide,

I first discovered only as a boy.

A great experience if you’ve not tried,

Take my advice and you shall feel my joy.

I have always known this from the start,

This activity belongs in my heart.

By Jeeven Uppal

Sonnet 1

(For Carmen)

Do we learn to love or are we born to?

Well my love for you I did not create.

There is no doubt I was born to love you,

How does one learn to love what he cannot hate?

You are my mirror, shining back at me,

Appearing undeniably opposite.

Yet as identical as two can be,

We are a perfectly contrasting sight.

This reflection of ours, born between us two,

Gains scratches and cracks with the passing years.

But remains luminous all the way through,

Unlike others with similar mirrors.

Once two matching babies, born in the past,

Separated by this thin sheet of glass.

By Abbie Bowering

Sonnet 1

We met in a supermarket checkout;

Months later, all our friends said we won’t last.

It seems that cruel fate has put a leg out,

If we trip and fall, prepare to fall fast.

The stark shade of ivory no that day,

The calm of the lake, your beautiful face.

People said we wouldn’t see the end of May,

Haunting thoughts gone without a trace.

We passed the test of time with high honours;

Our gorgeous grandkids are playing outside.

Remember when they thought we were goners?

I told you we’d make it; I never lied.

Now, holding your hand, praying you will wake,

I remember that day spent by the lake.

By Jordan Price


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Vice Principal at Gladstone Secondary School in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Son, husband and father. Sports and movie fan.
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