Theatre McNair’s Alice In Wonderland

McNair Theatre Department

Well another McNair Theatre production has come and gone.  This year’s edition was Alice in Wonderland, a timeless classic that had multiple roles for an extremely talented senior acting class to take on.  However, the production featured far more than the senior acting class.  The Alice in Wonderland company was 60 actors strong accompanied by another 25 crew, on top of that a further 57 stagecraft 11/12 students built the set, props and the costumes.  To say I am proud of this group of amazing students would be an understatement.

By the time Alice was over, we had performed 14 sold out shows to almost 3000 people.  The students get a true idea of what it is like to work in the theatre industry where performers regularly perform twice a day during the run of a production.

Alice seemed like two different shows.  When we performed for the elementary schools, and there were 9 schools in total and approximately 2000 elementary school children, they would go crazy for the antics of the White Rabbit.  Every time he entered the theatre there would be cheers of “it’s the White Rabbit” followed by high fives and generally excitement! We called it Rabbit Love’n!!  In the evenings for the adult shows there was a different level of enthusiasm for the skill level of characters like the Red Queen, the Caterpillar and Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum.

So as this is a Mini School Blog, you may well wonder what did the Mini School students do in this show.  My answer is, that they were everywhere.  The Mini school students belonged to every aspect of this show.  There were mini school students in the crew, in fact both Stage Managers, Isabel Wong (gr 12) and David Hoang ( gr.11) are minis.  In every scene there was a mini school student as Alice played by the delightful Nicole Yipp is mini (gr 12).  The Red Queen, Scott McGowan (gr.12), The White Queen, Quinn Cartwright (gr 11), The Caterpillar, Cody Lust (gr 12), Humpty Dumpty, Elliot Letts (gr 12) are all minis.  I could go on and on but the company had 60 actors and every scene had minis in it!  But, there were also plenty of non-mini students in the company and crew as well.  Regardless of the program they come from they all come together with their unique skill set to form a theatre company and for 4 months they work together towards a common goal.  That is what it means to belong to a carrying community.  To quote the Caterpillar, “Every where you go, there you will be!”  Always bring the best you have to offer into every situation and you are bound to end up in a great place!!  We like to think the theatre department is our very own Wonderland!


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