Mini 9’s Spring Trip to Timberline!!!!

Last week the mini 9’s left for Timberline Ranch in Maple Ridge for three days of horseback riding, team building and ranch experiences. Other activities we were lucky enough to enjoy included archery and rock climbing. The Timberline trip focuses on combining team based activities in an alternate environment that involves experiential learning.

Every year the Mini 9’s participate in a Mini Olympics at Timberline, which is organized and orchestrated by Mrs. Watts and Ms. Howard. Activities include: a “Barnyard Scramble” (which has teams searching the ranch for particular animals), relay races, an egg hunt, and water balloon toss. The main event of the Olympics however, is centered on an “Amazing Race” which had teams running all over the ranch trying to solve clues; teams must rely on both stamina and smarts to succeed in this event.

Although there were a lot of physical challenges, students also had a chance to show their creative side in developing a flag, anthem and motto that represented their team. The final night showcased some of the talent McNair has been recognized for as students put together skits that both entertained and educated.

One of the most talked about activities of this year’s trip was the hike. Traditionally, the hike lasts about an hour and is done at a fairly quick pace. This year however the hike lasted 90 minutes due to a freak hail storm that appeared out of nowhere and lasted for 30 minutes. The weather seemed to spur on the group who broke out at a sprint at the start of the storm. Although there were some differing opinions on how best to get back to the ranch, the group was able to work together to find the return route (just in time for lunch).


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