MAE (Mini School Alumni Experience) Dinner, March 31st, 2011

On March 31st, 2011, alumni of the McNair Mini School organized a dinner welcoming all past grads of the Mini School.  The event was held at the River Rock Casino’s Buffet and had grads from our first ever Mini School class, the Class of 2001!  The main topics of conversation were of course their Mini School experiences (trips and Art’s Night were among the favourites) and what the grads were up to now.

This has been the second event hosted by the MAE.  The other event was a collection of past grads who put on a seminar at McNair called The Transition From Secondary School to Post Secondary and the Workforce.  Although there have only been two events, there have been countless meetings among the past grads to organize and plan the events and all of this time and effort on top of their efforts to make their own mark in the world.

The organizers for the River Rock Dinner event were Martin Hui, Amanda Chow, Shannon Lum, Dave Gens, and Gabriel Law, and there is promise for more events in the future.  As a teacher in the Mini School, it is wonderful to see the initiative of our past grads to plan and organize such great events.   The staff of the Mini School are so proud of their efforts and accomplishments and we miss them dearly!

Here is a list almost all of the grads, their graduation year (hopefully I didn’t make any mistakes) and current occupation, that attended the River Rock event:

Nicole Suto – Grad Class of 2001, Tourism Marketing/Public Relations

Joel Garner – Grad Class of 2001, Actor/Student

Aaron Chow – Grad Class of 2001, Qoola Frozen Yogurt

Amanda Chow – Grad Class of 2003, Registered Nurse – ER department

Andrew Hutchinson – Grad Class of 2003, Executive/Regional Manager Self Storage Property Manager

Vanessa Tong – Grad Class of 2003, Coordinator, Parks Programs – City of Richmond

Alana Chang – Grad Class of 2003, Musician

Adrian Yu – Grad Class of 2003, Software Engineer

Angie Chan – Grad Class of 2003

Jamie Wlodarczak – Grad Class of 2003, Nurse

Kyle Ingham – Grad Class of 2003, Investment Analyst

Shannon Lum – Grad Class of 2004, Assistant Editor (video)

John Jimenez – Grad Class of 2005, Aircraft Mechanic

Amanda Ashizawa – Grad Class of 2005, Student/Customer Service

Dave Gens – Grad Class of 2005, Musician

Raes Calvert – Grad Class of 2005, Actor

Gabriel Law – Grad Class of 2006

Martin Hui – Grad Class of 2005, Law School

Natasha Jung – Grad Class of 2005, Media, Richcity Idol!!!

Joan Leung – Grad Class of 2005

Karen Yiu – Grad Class of 2007, Travel Agent

Jordan Kipnes – Grad Class of 2007, Student/DJ/Painting Business

Mandy Yeung – Grad Class of 2007

Natalie Ingham – Grad Class of 2007

Kevin Chan – Grad Class of 2009, student

Maggie Lee – Grad Class of 2009, student

Kristy-Anne Leong – Grad Class of 2009, student

Andrew Kwan – Grad Class of 2009, student

Justin Ma – Grad Class of 2009, student


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