Out in the wilderness and loving it!

As our first few days at Strathcona come to a close, I thought I would share some highlights. The weather couldn’t be more perfect. In fact, in the five times I’ve been to strathcona, I’ve never experienced such brilliant sunshine! This is ideal camping weather!

The kids were eager to get started, as you can see from this ice breaker game as soon as we got off the buses. Notice our grade 12 students proudly wearing their grad swag in bright red!


On a more serious note, most of us felt the earthquake yesterday. While it was a bit scary, it lasted only a few seconds. For the grade 8s with me on Rainbow Island, it felt like the whole island was swaying under our feet, making us look at each other in confusion. Luckily there were no injuries or damage to any part of Strathcona, and only one group (ocean canoeing) was forced to evacuate. Everyone is fine and continuing to enjoy this unbeatable weather.

My group even had the luxury of sleeping out under the stars and a nearly full moon! Too bad we woke up covered in dew…but it was totally worth it!


Tomorrow, all the groups on out-trips will return to the lodge for our annual sharing of skits and then the barn dance. These grade 11s will most likely return a couple shades darker, mosquito bitten, and sublimely happy!


Until we get back, rest assured that we are having the time of our lives and can’t wait to share out stories with family and friends upon our return.

Nothing but blue skies, crystal clear water and pristine greenery all around!


About msgin

Mini School English 10 and 12 Teacher
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