From Strathcona, With Love – Part 1

As the last days of summer inevitably come to an end, we would like to share some of the amazing stories that took place during our sunny week in Strathcona.  And who better to regale us with their adventures than the teens themselves?  Take a look at what these students had to say!

“Strathcona was a great adventure and a fantastic way to start off the school year.  I learned that anyone who sets their mind to doing something can really do it.  Strathcona was also a pushing experience, and I think that in life you always need to put effort into what you do.  The experience helped me grow socially, mentally, and physically.  I made many friends and bonded with people I didn’t know.  I grew mentally because I went out of my comfort zone and did things I have never done before, like eating bog moss!  And I grew physically because I tried new activities like zip-lining and rock climbing!  Strathcona was a journey to make friends, have a great time and personally grow — and that is what I did!!!”  – Haley Estrada, grade 8

30 minutes of trying to untie the human knot!

Also see what grade 9, Han Bai, had to say about his rock climbing trip!

“Hanging 50 feet off the ground on a vertical rock face supported by only a half inch rope, trying to push yourself up on a coin-sized foothold can really put things into perspective for you. Now try doing it blindfolded! My trip to Strathcona Park Lodge has really changed my view of life. Having to sleep outside without protection from the droves of mosquitoes has really showed me a lot of things. For example, I think that there is nothing to complain about in easy city life, whereas you are completely at mercy to the elements and animals outdoors. I also believe that the trip has strengthened the bonds between my friends and I. Having one of your friends hold your life in their hands really teaches you to trust them more. Last, I think that I have grown a lot from my experiences. I learned to conquer my fears and to problem-solve on the rocks.  All in all, I think that Strathcona has made me a much better person. The next time I complain about mosquitoes, I’ll remember the 173 bites I got at Camp.” – Han Bai, grade 9                                                    

Coming soon – Strathcona reflections from our grade 10s and 11s!     


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