Happy 448th Birthday, William Shakespeare!

On April 23, William Shakespeare celebrated his 448th birthday–in style, of course!

Our grade 12 Mini class studied some of the most romantic poetry ever written–Shakespearean sonnets–and then entered their own compositions into Ms. Gin’s annual sonnet contest.  Below are the top three submissions. Congratulations: Rachel Higgs, Kathy Kwan and Samuel Ho!  Honourable mentions include: Joenard Rosales, Samaah Jaffer, Karson Shroeder and Bryan Mancini!

Sonnet 1 – Rachel Higgs

I gaze upon your bright, idyllic eyes

The colour of the ocean at its brink,

Upon my upturned face like butterflies

They light, and hold me still. At times I think:

My dear, if I could peer inside your mind,

And see the inner clockwork of your heart,

What wonders and surprises would I find?

How many thoughts of me when we’re apart?

Would it be filled with locked doors and windows?

Filled with nostalgic photos of the past?

Would it be a wild jungle of gnarled boughs?

Would it be labrythine, twisting and vast?

No, if your mind were a structure, I’m sure

I’d find it lovely and familiar.

Game of Life – Kathy Kwan

Nothing parallels my love for the game.

That thumping sound of the ball on the court,

And earsplitting fans whose teams they proclaim,

Makes me forget that life (and I) are short.

Adrenaline pumping and heart racing,

Such hunger for a win constricts my mind.

As time passes, the coach begins pacing,

The euphoric rush is one of a kind.

Tears, sweat and blood incessantly pouring,

All my energy delpeted, what can I do?

Keep enduring as the pain is roaring,

Commanding me to quit this fight for you.

To never give up when faced with strife,

The glorious game goes on, as does life.

Whoso List to Fall (Bellerophon Alone) – Samuel Ho

                           *A Tribute to Selena Gomez

Much prettier than Athena you are,

Much brighter than the morning sun you shine.

No wonder you are a Hollywood star,

Naturally so hot, so cute, so fine.

Now let me tell you something you don’t know,

There is a voice who says this love is wrong.

But I will not apologize or go,

I will always love you like a love song.

And yet, alas, this unrequited love

Is like a dying flower in a year without rain.

Helpless I see you, a delicate dove,

Crushed in a cage, Just in a fever of pain.

Falling down into darkness, I bemoan

The way I love you, forever alone.

Our English 10 Minis completed their Romeo and Juliet unit by performing memorized scenes of the star-crossed lovers’ inauspicious nuptials. Check out the fabulous costumes and concepts of our grade 10s.  After all, Shakespeare himself proclaimed, all the world’s a stage!


Brennan Ho and Daniel Hsieh hamming it up as Friar John and Friar Lawrence


Chris Clarke, Chandler Bradley, Danielle Baker, Kaelyn Schroeder and Shulamite Huang act out Romeo and Juliet's fateful meeting (old-folk's style!)


Kiren Aujla, Tracy Moromisato, Shelly Anderson, Chanpreet Mangat and Aarani Uthayakamar perform the finale and untimely end of Romeo and Juliet!

Who knew learning Shakespeare could be so much fun?!


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