Fees Clarification

Dear Mini School Parents,

There has been some confusion regarding the Fees Assessment Handout Mini School students received in their homerooms today.  In June, we collected post-dated cheques for the mini school fees from the incoming grade 8 classes.  The post-dated cheques for the grade 8’s have yet to be deposited, but will be by the end of this week.  This explains why all the grade 8’s received incorrect fee statements in their homeroom ($1050 for mini school along with their other fees).

In addition, even though it is not mentioned on the fee statement, fees can be paid in two installments ($525 for September, 2012 and $525 for Feb 1, 2013).  Grade 9-12 parents may include both cheques in with their child’s Fees Assessment Handout and the February 1st cheques will be deposited accordingly.  It is also possible to pay fees in monthly installments if arrangements are made with Evelyn Langley, McNair’s new Business Assistant.

At this point, post-dated cheques have only been collected from grade 8 parents and no payment deadlines have been missed.

We apologize for any inconvenience or confusion regarding Mini School Fees and appreciate your understanding while we work out the kinks of a new school year.

Please contact the Program Coordinators Tamera Hunt and Adam Tuerlings at thunt@sd38.bc.ca, atuerlings@sd38.bc.ca or 604-668-6575 for more information on this matter.

On behalf of the McNair Mini School Staff,

Sonja Bone



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