Strathcona 2012!

There will be more pictures and student reflections to come, but for now here’s a little taste of what McNair Mini School

students and staff experienced at Strathcona Park Lodge over the last few days…

As soon as we arrived at Strathcona Park Lodge, students began participating in team challenges and prepping for their out trips. Students did everything from rock climbing and hiking to sea kayaking and canoeing.

Throughout the trip, we were blessed with beautiful sunny days which made the out trips even more amazing. Wildlife sightings were plentiful during the trip. One group saw a bear catch a salmon (and then relieve himself). Others saw whales, sea lions, otters, and wolves. Mosquitos were plentiful on other trips; fortunately, the wildlife sightings made it all worthwhile.

The view from the beach at SPL

Take a look at some of the creatures students saw on the sea kayaking trip (the photo on the right is a whale!)

Students also made friends with some of the more local critters at SPL!

Many of the trips were extremely difficult and involved blood, sweat, and tears. But the gains were immense: new friends, knowledge of the land, and a confidence boost. All students pushed the envelope by resiliently enduring the challenge, breaking barriers, and achieving personal firsts.

How much can one teacher carry?

More photos to come!

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