Recent Accomplishments

The dedication, hard work, and collaboration of Mini Student’s is paying off – literally!  It’s only November and many mini students are already making major strides in giving back to the community… it will be exciting to see the rest of the year has in store!

Penny Wars

Grade 11 Mini Students Harvey Huang and Chris Heathe are members of the McNair Marlinaires

During the McNair Marlinaires annual “Penny Wars” competition, Mini 11s Chris Heathe (vice-president) and Harvey Huang (president), helped collect 73,000 pennies.  A grand total of $1156.24 was raised throughout the “wars”.  Proceeds will go to Free the Children’s Adopt A Village communities abroad.  Maybe pennies aren’t so useless after all!

Counting the pennies was a team effort!

Youth Video Contest

Mini 11s Bryce Iwaschuk and Harvey Huang won 2nd place and a $300 prize at the Xpress Youth Video Contest, sponsored by Richmond Addiction Services. Their video about the dangers of ecstacy featured Erin Reid and Colin Phang.

Click here to read an article on the contest that was featured in the Richmond Review.

Bryce Iwaschuk and Harvey Huang share their winning documentary

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