The Art of Appreciation

They say the key to happiness is enjoying the simple things life has to offer. English 12 mini student recently practiced the art of appreciation by writing Odes to everyday items. Cheese and coffee seem deserving of such praise, but the humble bobby pin and modest naglet (that thing on the end of your sweatshirt string)… who knew they were so loved?!

Ode to Water (by Khalid)

A simple clean liquid
Rid me of my thirst
Without taste
Without smell
Yet I crave you
Overlooked, under-appreciated
Life diminishes without your presence
Cycling through mature
Ground, clouds, rain
Making up much of this earth and our body
Cleansing, purifying, drenching
You are everywhere
We blame you for flooding us
Yet we flood you with our garbage everyday
Almighty fluid
Gentle enough to wash hands
Strong enough to break rocks
Whether it is in a warm cup of tea
or in a cold Slurpee
Effortlessly you quench me
It’s not you that I live for
but rather because of you
I live

Coffee (by Adrian)

a friend to the sleepy dwells inside a mug
he has many flavors, for those of all tastes
                        liquid scorches
                        the very taste buds from the tongue
                        he helps keep you up, for hours on end
                        and lets you crash after
                        his effects have worn off
                                           french roast
                                           the beans to perfection
                                                              a soothing aroma
                                                              drift through to the lungs
                                                                                  warm my cold lifeless body
                                                                                  bring it alive with your soul mate
                                                                                  C8 H10 N4 02
                                                                                  the daily dose
                                                                                  it’s all my CNS needs
                                                                                   brewed by the ounce, bought by the pound
                                                                                                       caffeinated ambrosia
                                                                                                       a nectar
                                                                                                       worthy of gods
                                                                                                                  quench thirst in a heartbeat
                                                                                                                  while speeding it up

An Ode to Cheese (by Tasha)

Without you, pizza would be heartbroken
Without you, my poutine has no soul
Without you, what would my nachos drown in?
Without you, what would we say before the camera flashes?
There’s feta from Greece, Brie from France, and Boursin from Costco
Smooth, creamy, blue and curdy
white, aged, peppery and processed
Ode to Cheese

Ode to Showers (by Allison L.)

The monsoon of Jamaican droplets disturbs the porcelain sanctuary.
Venturing int he scorching storms with a hazy mind,
A torrid current crushes all remnants of sleep like grains in a hardy grind.
Pantene, Olay, Trésemme, Dove surround the basin as plastic statuary.

To what do haggard bodies owe this heavenly delight?
A manual rejuvenation available day and night,
One is typical,
Two is less banal,
Three is prodigal.
Fire and ice coexist in the twist of a knob,
The scorching heat or frigid cold can make the toughest man sob.
A masseuse with saturated fingertips,
Barely suppressed moans escape from the customer’s lips.
A captive developing Stockholm syndrome with the captor monsoon,
An enticing romance for all to swoon.

Ode to the Bobby Pin (By Caron)

You, bobby pin, are
  too unpretentious.

You might not look like much,
   but the way I see it,
you should have your own religious cult,
   because, you, my friend, are a savior.

Forget flimsy barrettes or crazy crab-like clips.
   You, with your steely arms
              iron grip
                  and toned body,
                  all the girls will be choosing you.

And if you had to teach a class,
                 “Ms. Bobby Pin, I have a question!”
             would never be hear.
    Because you’ve given us all the answers.

You’re the superhero
  who needs no sidekick
For be it an
  updo or simply style,
You’re ready to rescue the world,
  one bang at a time.

Disregarding your flimsy folk
   (unworthy of even casual mention)
Your strong embrace
   hugging hair strands
   are enough to make any many
   feel beautiful.

Whether it be buns of braids
   I’m never afraid
   for you have rarely failed

My only wish
   a humble request(-ish)
   is if you could tie a ponytail…

Ode to the small guys section at Forever 21, Richmond Centre (by Reuben)

That “girl” clothing store where dudes don’t dare enter
Manikins posed voluptuously alluring
I pose the question to my pals, shall we take a peak? 
They don’t answer
Everything calls my name, I would grab any
Stuck in the corner, cramped looking at the same clothes
In the distance, ladies have an infinite supply of fabrics to choose from
Thought small, I fully appreciate there even is a guy’s section
I finally grasp the cardigan, no more woes
Girls your bill can’t compare to my sum
I am awestruck at my reflection

Ode to Chopsticks (by Andy)

Within the drawer,
resting under clustered clumps.
Forever fufilled,
in the presence of another.
Relying on teamwork,
twirling amongst sleeping noodles;
food stands no chance.
Your functions,
ever boundless utility,
even a child could tame.
You dance in pairs
bought together by strange paths.
Symmetrical and elegant,
with streaming ribbons
coiled around you like snakes.
Serve me,
until you snap.
I will remember you
and your family,
for guiding food into my mouth.

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