The Whistler Trip in 6 Words…

The Whistler trip would make a great essay topic… but sometimes just a few words are all you need! Inspired by the popular book “6 word memoirs”, Grade 10 Mini Students created 6 Word descriptions of their trip to Whistler…

Woke up at 6, no regrets. -Connor

Carving, ollies, step downs, trees… exausted -Jacob

Fall down, get up, repeat cautiously. -Matthew

Trees plus powder equals good times. -Mikaela

Strived for the peak. Worth it. -Andi

Most important post snowboarding rule: Stretch. -Ellen

The view was absolutely magnificent -Tia

And I thought snow was soft. -Han

Perfect, until the morning pain hits! -Dhanul

Cruising… until you smash into ice – Steven R.

Getting good air, getting face washed – Steven R.

Frozen where the sun don’t shine -Tyler N.

I am incapable of landing gracefully -Tyler N.

In a YOLO mood, gonna jump -Olivia

Almost ran over my instructor. Lovely. -Olivia

So glad I wore my helmet -Dayna

Never imagined enjoying myself that much -Isla

Wiped out on almost every turn -Isla

The anticipation when slicing the run -Fiona

Skiing with laughs, falls, and collisions -Fiona

We jumped and tumbled until dusk -Megan

The snow-covered ground, breath-taking view! -Wynonna

More Whistler photos coming soon…

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