McNair Mini Grads on Richmond Review’s 30 Under 30

The Richmond Review has come out with it’s 30 Under 30 list for this year and McNair grads have taken five spots.  This year, the worthy names are:

Jordan Kipnes, Natasha Jung, Quinton Bradley, Carter Popoff,  and Tara Williamson.

(In the past, the list saw these other McNair grads: Martin Hui, Winnie Wong, Jane Zhang, and Ethan Cox.)

At the McNair Mini School, we are proud to support the endeavours of our wonderful students.  6 of the 9 names above were graduates from our program that values the well-rounded student in the areas of the arts, academics, outdoor education and social responsibility/leadership.

natashajung_1312086145_26Natasha Jung used to walk the halls of McNair as a talented, generous and hard working student on a path to something great.  It is clear that she is still walking the walk with her latest honour, Richmond 30 Under 30 List.

She graduated from McNair and the Mini School in the year of 2005.  Since then, she has completed a degree in communications at Simon Fraser University, a public relations certificate at the BC Institute of Technology, and is currently a Marketing Specialist with Deloitte Canada.

One of Natasha’s biggest accomplishments is her work with the institution: Rich City Idol.  This movement became a reality through an enormous amount of hard work and vision.  She is still involved in the movement ten years later.  Natasha has always been extremely giving and the opportunities she has created for the youth of Richmond is astounding.  The project has been so successful that surrounding cities have taken on the idea such as Vancity Idol.  The Mini School is proud to have been able to work with such a bright star in Richmond’s community.  All the best Natasha!

jordan-kipnesJordan Kipnes has been an entrepreneur ever since he attended McNair.  He has always had a mind for business and his many successes have gotten him on this year’s list.  In school, Jordan was an avid snowboarder and even started in the DJ service during those years.  Since he has run a painting company and travelled the world and been attending Simon Fraser University.

McGill BMS AlumniQuinton Bradley (second from left) has to be one of the nicest boys to ever attend McNair Secondary.  He was a star student and star athlete, but he really was one of the most liked students to ever walk the halls.  Quinton went on to McGill University and helped his lacrosse team take home a championship (see link below).  Clearly, Quinton is a star on and off the field and his future is as bright as a star in the night’s sky.

It has been an absolute pleasure to work with such amazing young men and women, and there are so many more who will be on this list.  However proud we are as educators of these individuals, we are equally proud of all our students no matter where they are in their personal growth journey and they are all on “our list”.


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