Unpacking Media Myths

How many ads are you exposed to in a day?

Today’s students are constantly bombarded with advertisements. We see as many as 5000 advertisement and marketing messages in a single day. In the 1970s, people generally saw around 500 ads per day. With the increase in commercial advertisements all around us, it is crucial students develop media literacy skills in order to not only recognize, but deconstruct and analyze these messages.

English 10 students recently put their media literacy skills to the test, decoding and re-creating a variety of ads. The practice of creating “spoof ads”, that is ads that parody and mock advertising messages, is known as “adbusting” or “subvertising”. Check out some of the thought provoking examples below:


Isla’s ad reminds us that ads are often airbrushed and edited, creating unrealistic and unattainable versions of beauty


Bobby’s ad asks us to question the real accomplishments of our heroes


Tyler H.’s ad reveals the discrepancy between the earnings of those who manufacture our clothes and the prices we pay for them


Oliva’s ad asks whether Pokemon normalizes the unethical treatment of animals


Tia’s ad uses a pun to expose faulty manufacturing and false advertising


Andi’s ad reveals the conditions of clothing manufacturing factories


Dhanul’s ad suggests that we are slaves to our electronic devices

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