Contributing to Canuck Place: The Meaning Behind Arts Night

Nathan and Howard presenting a $2000 donation at Canuck Place

Nathan and Howard presenting a $2000 donation at Canuck Place

The annual Mini School Arts Night isn’t just a time for our fellow minischoolers to perform, it is a chance for us to raise money for the terminally ill children spending their time at Canuck Place. Canuck Place is a very special hospice for children that have been diagnosed with terminally ill diseases. The people there provide a service like none other for the children ensuring that them and their families can have many good memories before they pass. The children there may only stay for 3-4 days, but may ask to come back whenever their families think their child would feel better if they were to stay at Canuck Place. There are about 100 volunteers and staff committed to making Canuck Place the best experience anyone could want before the last few moments of their lives. The contribution from the people working there was truly heartwarming and having the chance to experience it first hand demonstrated the dedication that all the staff have towards treating the children. In the end, all the money raised from Arts Night goes towards this cause. Currently, there is a Canuck Place being built in Abbotsford that will provide the same service as the one in Vancouver. Thank you to all the fellow minischoolers we are all making a difference! From your fellow minischool grads

–Nathan and Howard

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