Timberline Ranch


Horseback Riding

Mrs. Watts’ Grade 9 Mini PE class just returned from 3 “Awesome” days at Timberline Ranch.  The trip was awesome on so many levels.  The weather was gorgeous, the students worked and played hard, and the Ranch provided a wonderful outdoor adventure; including horseback riding, rock wall climbing, archery, hiking, a team building area, and our very own Amazing Race!  Upon returning from the trip, the students were asked to provide some reflection on the trip and the value in general of Mini School Trips.  The following reflections provide a snap shot of their experience…



For our Amazing Race, partners were drawn randomly from a box, why do you think that was done?

It showed us that we can learn to work together with others and expand our minds and friendships.  (Samantha)

This taught me that not everyone you end up having to work with in life will be your best friend, but if your ultimate goal is the same, you can work hard enough with anyone and bring out the best in each other to achieve your goal.  (Tanya)

This taught me that with mutual cooperation and a little bit of compromise, I can make almost any partnership work in a way that is mutually beneficial(Jessica)

Expect the unexpected!  (Shamil)









Being a part of Mini School means belonging to a community of like minded individuals.  Explain what you feel you get out of these trips and why they are important.

 Being a part of Mini School is the best! I feel that when I go on trips I get to know myself better, I get to try new, sometimes scary things I’ve never tried before.  (Jasmin)

I learn I can do things I didn’t know I could do.  (Nancy)

These trips are like being on a trip with your family.  They are important because they force you to work with everyone and to push your boundaries. (Alexa)

It teaches you to be independent and make your own decisions. (Kim)

I have gained so many amazing memories that I never want to forget.  (Jenna)

Each trip I feel I come home a stronger, smarter person with stronger friendships with all the other students.  (Aleena)

These trips make me feel like we are a family. (Haley)

I build bonds and memories that I will cherish forever. (Katie)

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