Tofino day 1 under our belts!

Myself, Mr. Nak, Mr. Hansel and 30 of our amazing grade 12 minis hopped on a ferry at 7:45 am to head off for a few days of surfing. On our way we stopped for some lunch in Port Alberni and then continued our gorgeous island drive to Cathedral Park where we saw a forest of old growth Douglas Firs, some of which were 800 years old!! A few breathtaking hours later we arrived at a 36 person lodge which we had alllllll to ourselves. We explored the property for a bit, which includes 10 acres of unique and interesting trails and gardens.

As night fell, we divided ourselves up into cooking and cleaning groups for the next few days and began our big burger cook off! We had a sizzling station of veggie and burger patties, a bbq bun toasting team and a condiment corner…team work!

Day two:
We woke up early to a delicious breakfast of warm, freshly baked muffins and a spread of toasts, jams and every oatmeal topping imaginable. We then set off for what we came here for….SURFING!!! Wow, we quickly discovered how exhausting this sport really is….And that was just from putting on our wet suits! 😉 The water may be cold here but it’s impossible to tell bc a fully body work out and head to toe wet suit makes it feel like you are swimming in bath water!
After a few hours of lessons we were all too happy to come back and indulge in some much needed comfort food – vegetarian and meat chili. Those were some biiiiig pots! Feeling refreshed and nourished some of us headed back to surf a few more hours while others were content to play cards, board games, sing, laugh and stroll the property grounds.

Stay tuned….

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