Grade 10 Bamfield Trip


Our trip has been amazing so far. As of this morning, we have landed 45 cod and 30 chinook salmon. The two largest being 19 lbs, caught by Isla Wrightson and Bonnie Chan. The sun has come out, the hot tub is busy and we are about to chow down on some delicious seafood! Group 2 is looking forward to outfish Group 1’s bounty. The Grade 10s have already surpassed the Grade 11s total catch a couple of weeks ago. “Fish on!”

Up at 4:30am with a steady rain but all worth the effort! Several more spring salmon on board and a huge eagle swooping in for a small fish only inches away from our boat!











Day 2 started with a scrumptious pancake breakfast cooked by Simone, Ellen, Mikaela, Sandra and Vanessa. After our meal, we headed to Brady’s Beach where Steven magically shimmied up a nearby pole. We walked along the pristine shoreline and explored the abundance of marine life found in various intertidal pools. After lunch, the second group went cod fishing in the afternoon. The waves were rocky but despite this our boats caught 45 fish altogether. We even saw a whale breech just off our stern!

On our last day in Bamfield, group 2 had another glorious day landing 28 spring salmon. The group overcame strong winds, heavy rain, and sea sickness and definitely pushed their envelopes. That afternoon we said goodbye to Tyee Lodge and headed to Horne Lake. The sun came out and everyone enjoyed a refreshing dip in the lake.

The next morning we ventured through Lower, Main, and Riverbend caves where students braved dark, slippery slopes and discovered a variety of limestone formations. Then we packed up all our tents and spent a nice lunch in Coombs. The students are looking forward to sharing their fresh catch with their families tonight!






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