Brain Food: Personification Poems


Riddles are to the brain what food is to the body. In English class, grade 10 Minis recently created riddle-like poems personifying abstract concepts. Does your brain need something to munch on? Try guessing what the following riddles are referring to (see answers at the bottom of the post) 🙂



I watch you, observe you

I watch you, observe you
Wait for you to slip up so I can call you mine
I am denied, supressed
Some people lust after me, look for my overgrown shadow
Lost within my arms
Trouble falling asleep? I lurk upon the ones I love
I capture you, consume you
Till your last breath
Every single one of you, my identical clone
What am I?

by Emma

I am what escapes you

I am what escapes you as the rain cascades from above
The living nightmare you won’t wake up from
I am Symphonic melody you aren’t able to hear
The smile returned with a tear
I am like a mound of dirt you can’t seem to climb up
Like the light at the end, obstructed from a twist of the tunnel
I am the waves with no water, yet I still drown you on land
The tendrils of darkness,
enveloping, enclosing
The lingering depression that invites itself with no reason

by Isla


I am cruel and I am evil
I am ruthless and I am lethal
I control everything you do,
dampen you life, obscure your view
I make you suffer, in endless night
I mock you as you try to fight
I will rob you of your sanity
Steal the last bit of your humanity
I’ll turn you cold, bitter and hard
Beat and abuse you, leaving you scarred

by Sandra

I am balance

I am balance
Without me, life would be incomplete
Without me, the dead would lie where they fall
I was there when we created the world
I will be there when it ends
I am the birth of a start
And the death of an empire
And amidst the ruins
I will wait beside my counterpart, chaos
To begin again

by Tyler N.

I am humbling

I am humbling, embarrassing, but necessaryI can be funny, awkward or scary

When they see me coming they try to run
but I get to everyone

I make them tremble with fear
as I begin to get near

They try to avoid me, but they don’t understand
I’m really just a helping hand

I might be just what they need
To finally be able to succeed

by Bobby

6. I am a perpetual atmosphere

I am a perpetual atmosphere of inconceivability
I have seen the beginning; I will see the end
I have seen the birth of the universe
I have seen like evolved, flourish, and prosper
I am split into an infinite tree of outcomes
I drive the clock of existence with ever increasing entropy
I am limited in humanity
I am infinite in reality
My orgin will forever elude mankind
I have always been; I will always be

by Graham

7.I am the new device

I am the new device
The introduction of infinite ideas
Created by The Mind and shared among men
Advancing the race
A Method revealed to wondrous eyes
Completing the new step in becoming better
Inventors thinking beyond what their minds comprehend
Advancing entertainment to a brand new trend
Thee to four, 360 to one, Cube to Wii
Technology and I fit like a glove
The old are discarded as the new are created

by Steven

I am endured through pain

I am endured through pain
Sought after by everyone
You crave me
Yet I am ignored when possessed
I am the first thing you think about when you wake up
the taste before you go to sleep
You’ll spend countless hours trying to become me
Failing everytime
I am manipulated by the media
Glorious, conceited, and vain
Yet only you can truly define me

I am anguished

I am anguished
You have forsaken me for another
Guilt and fear ensnare my soul

The trust we shared – gone
A void in my heart
An empty, bottomless pit like a black hole
willing to suck anything up to fill it

You turn away while I try to follow
My hurt is now a never ending sea
All our bonds

by Fiona

I am necessary
I am necessary.
Many despise me, yet continue to participate in the very action they hate
In fact, you happen to be taking a part in me at this very moment

At first glace I’m hardly harmful.
But once you give me significance, I will affect all that you say and do.

I am to decisions what gears are to a machine>
An invisible matermind, held vital yet easily forgotten.

With every new face you meet,
Or word that you speak
I will be there.

by Olivia

I destroy dynasties

I destroy dynasties, start wars, cause pain
I will wash over you, influence you as you struggle in vain

I cure diseases, protect the weak and give hope
I expose flaws, injustice, and leave evil hanging on a rope

I am the one who delivers what the future will bring

I am a hero to most, a monster to some.
I am bittersweet, a farewell and a welcome

Without me, things would be the same yet oh so different
I mark the lowest act of shame and the highest achievement

An unmoving force that affects everything.

by Ryan


1. Sin 2. Melancholy 3. Depression 4. Order 5. Failure 6. Time 7. Beauty 8. Betrayal 9. Judgment 10. Change

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