The Mini 12 Salvation Army Harbour Light Experience

On April 7th, a group of Mini 12s went to Vancouver and enjoyed a very rewarding and humbling experience by volunteering at the Salvation Army Harbour Light Soup Kitchen.


Below are reflections from their experience!

Volunteering at the soup kitchen was a wonderful experience.  It is amazing to be able to give back to the great community that has helped me come so far in life.  I encourage anyone wishing to spend a few hours volunteering to go to the soup kitchen for an eye opening experience that will stay with you for the rest of your life. -Evan D.

I never realized how important these soup kitchens are to the people that use them. It was a sobering experience and it opened my eyes to how much these kind of places are needed. The appreciation that these people have for the Salvation Army Harbour Light kitchen is insurmountable. -Colin P.

All throughout highschool, we hear about how we all volunteer at the soup kitchen in grade 12. I had always imagined it to be just wandering around the streets giving people soup in a little plastic container. But, it’s so much more than that. The experience of seeing hundreds of people gathered together to enjoy a meal is unforgettable. The mood there is so light and happy and all of the volunteers and workers are so enthusiastic (and they love to sing…). This experience is an eye-opener that I can honestly say will stick with me forever. -Shelly A.

Going to the soup kitchen was an eye-opening and memorable experience. It was a great way to give back to the community. I look forward to volunteering again at the soup kitchen in the future. -Mineesha K.

Going to the soup kitchen was awesome! The recipients of the lunch were very thankful for all the volunteers and I hope to volunteer there again. But, unfortunately there was no soup… -Danielle B.

Helping out at the Salvation Army was an inspiring experience. It was interesting to see the various types of people who came in to receive a free meal. It was surprisingly, to find out that not everyone was homeless or struggling to survive. This comes to show that the soup kitchen is open to all and is a very helpful organization. -Marina A.

The soup kitchen was one of the most memorable and surprising mini school experiences I have encountered. My expectations of the soup kitchen were far from what I had anticipated. First, there was no soup. Moreover, the diversity of people stunned me. I did not expect the individuals to be so kind and respectful of the Salvation Army. The one thing that captured my empathy was when I saw people come through the line not twice, but sometimes three times or maybe four times. And the question that I was left with was “If I knew I was only going to eat one meal a day, how many times would I go around and line up for more food?”  -Chandler B.

Volunteering at the Salvation Army Harbor Light was an eye opening experience. I am still amazed by the fact that within an hour we were able to serve a total of 374 homeless people. The image that has stuck out most from this experience for me is the joy our group brought to each individual we served. I intend to, and look forward to volunteering at the soup kitchen again.  -Erin R.

The soup kitchen was an inspiring and eye-opening experience.  It was sad to see the hurt in this broken community, but it felt awesome to know no matter how little, we could somehow have impacted these people. Whether it was the workers and volunteers at Salvation Army Harbour Light, or the members coming in to be served, it was amazing to lend a hand and share smiles with these people.  It wasn’t all work either, we had an awesome time singing songs and laughing while serving the food, creating a very welcoming environment. Overalld the soup kitchen gave me some serious things to ponder as well as an amazing experience to learn from and take with me in future years.  -Kaelyn S.

Going to the Harbour Lights Salvation Army Soup Kitchen was truly, an amazing experience. It is in doing things like this that I realize everyone can make a difference, whether it be handing a glass of juice to someone who is thirsty, or going to Africa to build a school; we all have a part to play, and each in our own way. -Chris H.

The soup kitchen was overall an amazing and an enlightening experience. I was lucky enough to actually hand people their food and receive their huge smiles and “thank you’s”. It was great to see everyone so excited and happy, but on the other hand sad to know for most of the people there, this was their only meal of the day. Visiting the soup kitchen was something I don’t think I’ll ever forget and I hope to have the opportunity to volunteer there again sometime.  -Jodi G.

The soup kitchen was an amazing, eye-opening experience to see how appreciative the recipients were as we served them. Almost every person I had served gave me the most genuine thanks I have ever received.  -Chris C.

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