Mini 9 Timberline Ranch Experience: Reflective Writing

Timberline    Timberline

Mrs. Watts Grade 9 Mini PE class just returned from 3 “Awesome” days at Timberline Ranch.

The trip was great on so many levels. The weather was gorgeous, the students worked hard

and played hard and the Ranch provided a wonderful outdoor adventure, including horseback riding, rock wall climbing, archery, hiking, a team building area and our very own Amazing Race. Upon returning from the trip the students were asked to provide some reflection on the trip and the value in general of Mini School Trips. I’ve included some of their answers below to give a snap shot of the experience.


For our Amazing Race, partners were drawn randomly from a box, why do you think that was done?

  1. It honestly taught me to work with what I have instead of dwelling on a better scenario. (Sammy)
  2. It taught me that I can work with anybody because when 2 people share the same goal and learn how to work together they can do anything. (Ali)
  3. You might have different strengths and weaknesses, but you have to come as one to help each other. (Mehima)
  4. Don’t whine! (Von)
  5. It taught me that any two people are compatible as long as you are willing to work together. (Taylor)
  6. It should be none of your concern about how others do, as long as you yourself are cooperative and supportive it shouldn’t matter who your partner is. (Cameron)

Being a part of Mini School means belonging to a community of like minded individuals. Explain what you feel you get out of these trips and why they are important.

  1. These trips push us to our limits physically and mentally. I believe these trips are meant to show us that we can do many things that we never knew we could. (Takuma)
  2. After these trips the number one thing I immediately feel is 10x closer with the other minis. (Anjali)
  3. They teach us to work together and to be there to pick each other up when we fall. (Madison)
  4. That it doesn’t matter if you are small, tall, big, strong or anything. It matters the person on the inside and sometimes you won’t expect what will come out of you and you will surprise yourself what you can do. (Josh)
  5. These trips have connections towards life lessons and it’s better to learn these life lessons in action. ( Martini)


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