Galiano Trip Reflections

After biking, camping, cooking, and hiking on Galiano Island for three days, describe something back home that you are more grateful of.

  1. I am grateful for beds, showers, and parents for making food and cleaning up. (Riley)
  2. I am most grateful of having a hot shower, sleeping in my own bed, and being with my family because I was so cold and so tired. I also missed my family because I haven’t seen them for two whole days. (Mitchell)
  3. I became more grateful for having a house that doesn’t leak and food that’s fully cooked. (Chelsie)

Describe how you “pushed the envelope” on this trip:

  1. I pushed the envelope by forcing myself to go all the way up the hill without stopping. After accomplishing this I realized not to doubt myself and always push harder. (Jacob)
  2. I pushed the envelope when I biked all the way uphill without stopping. Although it would’ve been easier to put my pride aside and just walk the way up, I pushed through and when I got to the top I was really proud of myself. (Serena)
  3. I pushed the envelope when I was going uphill. I wanted to just drop to the ground and lay there, but instead I kept pedaling. I eventually made it to the top and it was an amazing feeling of accomplishment. (Kayla)

What did you learn about yourself on this trip? Explain.

  1. I learned that planning is key if you want to succeed in camping or anything else. (Rumi)
  2. I learned that it is possible for me to do something beyond my limits if I put my mind to it and believe in myself. (Queena)
  3. I learned that I really enjoy biking and camping with my mini class. We’re all comfortable with each other and get to share this experience. (Olivia)
  4. I learned that I’m apparently really good at making turkey bacon. (Myrah)
  5. I learned that I can actually cook decent food. At home I never cook at all but on this trip I learned that I can make good pancakes. (Jeffrey)
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