The grade 8’s reflect on their recent camping and biking trip to Galiano Island:

  1. What did you like the most on this trip?
    • “When we would all sit together and play fun little games that ended in non-stop laughter. Sometimes it’s those little memories that count the most.” – Madison
    • “There was something so refreshing about the hike; it was like this one-on-one connection with nature.” – Ramneek
    • “Just spending time with my class and getting to know them better.” – Amaan
    • “Going to the beach and watching the sunset, because we were able to see sea creatures and the sunset was breathtaking.” – Caitlin
  1. What did you like the least on this trip?
    • “Waking up super duper early.” – Chad
    • “The mosquito’s were a giant pain.” – Eilat
    • “Washing dishes because our group took a long time and we were always the last group to finish.” – Naomi
  1. How did you “push the envelope” on this trip?
    • “I didn’t walk my bike up any of the hills even though I was really tired.” – Gurangelie
    • “By getting to the top of the hill. It was very hard, and I had to walk a lot, but I still managed to get to the top of the hill and I’m very proud of that.” – Lynn
    • “I pushed the envelope by not giving up. I persevered and it mentally made me much stronger.  I feel I’m stronger both physically and mentally because of this trip.” – Sanjeev
  1. Name something you are more grateful for?
    • “I am way more grateful for my mom. Cooking and washing the dishes may seem very easy but was a challenge when it came to my group.” – Kiran
    • “I am very grateful that I have my own comfortable bed to sleep in. I am also grateful for the food my mom makes.” – Marcus
  1. Use a simile or metaphor to describe biking up the big hills on Galiano Island.
    • “A big hill is like life. You work so hard to make it to the glorious top, but then you find yourself at the bottom again, having to do it all over again.” – Sophie
    • “Biking up the hills at Galiano is like life because if you don’t push yourself you won’t get anywhere in life.” – Brayden
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