Strathcona Trip: Details

Strathcona Trip: Thursday Sept. 6 – Monday Sept. 10, 2018

Strathcona Contact: 1-250-286-3122

Address: Strathcona Park Lodge: PO Box 2160, Campbell River, BC V9W 5C5 Canada

Overall Itinerary:

Thursday, Sept. 6, 2018

7:00 am – Meet at Tsawwassen Ferry Terminal, attendance by grade
7:45am – Ferry departure
9:45am – Ferry arrival at Duke Point, students file onto buses

Bus #1: Grade 8s + SKY Bus #2: Grade 10s Bus #3: Grade 11s Bus #4: Grade 12s
*Grade 9s fill in extra spaces on the four buses

12:00 pm – Campbell River McDonalds
12:30 pm – Leave McDonalds for Strathcona
1:30 pm – Arrive at Strathcona!

Monday, Sept. 10, 2018

10:15 am – Buses arrive at Strathcona to be packed
10:45 am – Depart from Strathcona
1:30 pm – McDonalds (Island Hwy and St. George)
2:00 pm – Leave McDonalds
2:15 pm – Arrive at Duke Point Ferry Terminal
3:15 pm – Ferry departs from Duke Point
5:15 pm – Arrival at Tsawwassen Ferry Terminal, parents pick up students!

Equipment: Please see the equipment lists here. Be sure that you have packed all necessary equipment for your specific out-trip.



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