A Important Message from the Business Assistant

Regarding Mini School Fees, if you have signed up with School Cash Online, you will have received notification of outstanding fees. The current fee program does this automatically. Please disregard the message regarding Mini School Program fee.

Your child’s student account will show an outstanding amount of $400 at this time. Please disregard this balance outstanding as it will be resolved in time. Here is what has happened and what you may expect:

$500 check submitted in June was deposited in July
$400 check submitted for September has now been deposited
$400 check dated for January will be posted to the accounts in January and the outstanding balance will be resolved to zero at that time

If you have a preference to pay online before January, please do so at your option and I would be more than happy to return your check installment after the payment has been made to School Cash.

In the meanwhile, you may receive notifications for other outstanding fees, such as Basic School Fee, Yearbook (optional), workbooks or any field trips that may be planned for this semester. These notices will require your attention.

Thank you for your patience as we work with our new fee program.

Margaret Yee
Business Assistant
Matthew McNair Secondary School
604-668-6575 (ext 1140)

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