Whistler: Update

Attention all parents and students,

The Whistler trip is fast approaching and we would like to provide some last minute updates with regards to equipment and logistics:

No longer needed:

1. We will be staying in a hotel so bringing a sleeping bag is no longer necessary.

2. All meals will be provided so extra spending money is not necessary.

3. There will no longer be hot chocolate so a mug is no longer necessary.

Please bring:

1. We will be eating pizza and salad for dinner.  To save on waste please bring a plastic dish or container and fork for dinner.  (Bring what you brought to Strathcona.)

Grade 12s:

Grade 12 students will have access to the pool. They should bring a swim suit if they wish to swim. Note that only grade 12s will have access to the pool area.

All information has been updated in the newly revised Whistler equipment list (accessible on the equipment page or directly here: Whistler Equipment)

The mountain forecast is for temperatures near zero so make sure to check the weather and bring appropriate clothing.  Even though it is warm in town it can still be cold on the mountain.

We’ll see you all this Thursday morning to load busses at 5:45 AM! Students are expected to return on Friday around 6:00-6:30 PM. As traffic is an unpredictable element, it is recommended that students being picked up communicate their ETA via texts.

See you all Thursday morning!

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