McNair Mini School is a program that values all facets of the student: intellectual, social and physical. The program is designed to challenge academically motivated students with an enriched course of studies in a cohesive setting. The curriculum is compressed and enriched to develop in each student critical thinking skills, creativity, and independence.

Just as intellectual progress is vital to each student’s future, so, too, is the social aspect of each student’s development. The group field activities are designed to foster the acquisition of essential skills: leadership, responsibility, initiative, cooperation, and mutual respect. Service to the community is encouraged.

Although the students remain together for their core courses, they retain complete access to all the elective courses, facilities, clubs and teams at McNair Secondary. Mini School students play an important role in the McNair school community and graduate as global citizens.

From Ailaina Wrightson and Tara Mathur (2016 graduates):

“We are both attending the University of Victoria, living together, and having a great time! Through the UVIC Caving Club, we got the opportunity to explore some caves on the island. It was a lot of fun but also the most physically demanding thing both of us have ever done. Anyway, we just wanted to thank you for teaching us to push ourselves/the envelope as we continue the Mini School legacy.”

From Naomi Choong (2018 graduate):

“Much of who I am today can be attributed to my broad range of experiences through the McNair Mini School program. Undoubtedly, it has played a key role in shaping me into a confident and outgoing person. Made up of a class of intellectually motivated, well-rounded students, Mini School students play a significant role in the McNair community as leaders and positive examples to others. The program has challenged me academically and encouraged me to develop vital skills including leadership, diligence, initiative and cooperation. I am fortunate to have opportunities to encounter valuable lessons of challenging myself outside of my comfort zone and attain self-confidence. From physically demanding outdoor camping trips to creative performances and eye-opening service to others, I faced uncomfortable, foreign, and rewarding situations. These adventures truly impacted me, further expanding my leadership qualities and developing my strength to endure difficulties.”




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