Get Wet FAQ


The following are commonly asked questions and accompanying answers about “Get Wet”. Please contact Rob Young with any concerns/questions regarding the required certification.

  1. Who needs Get Wet?

All students, parents and teachers who are involved with small craft/ water activities in school outdoor education programs.  Any adults accompanying students in small water activities also must have the Get Wet qualification.

  1. If I have AquaQuest 7 or higher, am I considered to have an equivalent qualification?


  1. Is there any swimming course or qualification considered to be equivalent to Get Wet?

The Bronze Medallion (or the next higher qualification, the Bronze Cross) is considered equivalent to Get Wet.

If your son/daughter has their bronze cross certificate, then it is equivalent to the Get Wet program.  Please email us a copy of your son/daughter’s bronze cross certificate to any of the Mini School teachers for our records.

  1. How long is the Get Wet program / sessions?

4 hours long one 4 hr session, 2 2hr sessions, 4 1 hr sessions

  1. What is the cost for the Get Wet program?

The only cost is the instructor cost, which currently averages about $20 per student (depending on numbers enrolled in the class).

  1. What is the student to instructor ratio in Get Wet?

10 students for each instructor

  1. Can interested parents organize the Get Wet program without going through the school?

Unfortunately, it is set up to be offered through the schools. Parents aren’t usually able to inform all the students, collect money, set up the times/date, etc.

  1. How do we set up a Get Wet course for the students at our school?

Watermania:  Parents should contact Debi Jones (604-448-5360) to set up a date and receive a program barcode for registration. Call the registration call centre at 604-273-4300 to register with your barcode and make payment. Cost is $20. Participants will need to bring a light set of clothing that can be worn into the water along with their bathing suits.

Minoru aquatic centre:  Please contact aquatic supervisor Stephanie Roberts  at 604-718-8017.