Mini School Payment: Update

Notice to parents regarding records of Mini School fee payment in MyEd B.C.

Due to a recent switch in fee program/accounting software, records of Mini School Program Fee and payments are not currently being shown in School Cash On-Line. Rest assured that submitted checks have been deposited and fees have been paid. If there is an issue with fee payment for Mini School, we will contact you directly. Records for Mini School fee payment should appear in School Cash On-Line records some time this fall. Thank you for your understanding while we sort out this matter.


The Mini School Staff

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Strathcona Trip: Details

Strathcona Trip: Thursday Sept. 6 – Monday Sept. 10, 2018

Strathcona Contact: 1-250-286-3122

Address: Strathcona Park Lodge: PO Box 2160, Campbell River, BC V9W 5C5 Canada

Overall Itinerary:

Thursday, Sept. 6, 2018

7:00 am – Meet at Tsawwassen Ferry Terminal, attendance by grade
7:45am – Ferry departure
9:45am – Ferry arrival at Duke Point, students file onto buses

Bus #1: Grade 8s + SKY Bus #2: Grade 10s Bus #3: Grade 11s Bus #4: Grade 12s
*Grade 9s fill in extra spaces on the four buses

12:00 pm – Campbell River McDonalds
12:30 pm – Leave McDonalds for Strathcona
1:30 pm – Arrive at Strathcona!

Monday, Sept. 10, 2018

10:15 am – Buses arrive at Strathcona to be packed
10:45 am – Depart from Strathcona
1:30 pm – McDonalds (Island Hwy and St. George)
2:00 pm – Leave McDonalds
2:15 pm – Arrive at Duke Point Ferry Terminal
3:15 pm – Ferry departs from Duke Point
5:15 pm – Arrival at Tsawwassen Ferry Terminal, parents pick up students!

Equipment: Please see the equipment lists here. Be sure that you have packed all necessary equipment for your specific out-trip.



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Reminder: Strathcona Information Assembly

This is a reminder to all McNair Mini School students that the Strathcona information assembly will be at 11:45 AM in the large gym on Tuesday, September 4th.

All grades are expected to attend.

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Whistler 2019: Date Change

Due to ski/snowboard instructor staffing shortages, Whistler has limited availability for its ski and board programs this coming year. Because of this, our usual February time is not available.

To accommodate our numbers and not conflict with other important school events, Mini School’s Whistler field trip has been rescheduled for Thursday, April 11th – Friday, April 12th.

We wanted to alert parents/guardians as soon as possible so you can plan accordingly.

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2018-2019 Calendar

The 2018-2019 calendar has been updated to include the latest information on hand for the upcoming school year. The calendar will be fully updated once all dates are known and confirmed.

Please click here to see the currently known dates.

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Tofino 2018

Tofino pictures of the grade 12 Mini students are up! Check out the photos pages for more.

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Galiano 2018

Follow and relive some Kodak moments from the Mini 8’s trip to Galiano Island as they rode their bikes, set up tents, and made their own food!

See pictures here. All pictures courtesy Mr. R. Young.

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