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Whistler 2018



Mini 9: Secret Santa



Potluck 2017





Hallowe’en 2017


Strathcona 2017







Canuck Place 2017


Timberline 2017


Arts Night #2 2017



Arts Night #1 2017



Whistler 2017


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Potluck 2016


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Hallowe’en 2016 (Grade 9)


Special guest appearance by Leon P.


Strathcona 2016


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Galiano 2016


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img_2378We started the morning in Ladner with nervous parents, excited students and eager teachers. Despite viscous headwinds, all 29 students made it to the Tswwassen ferry terminal in record time.

IMG_3719IMG_6600After arriving in Sturdies Bay, we quickly tackled the twisted roads and steep hills en route to Montague Harbour.  At the park,  we set up camp and students prepared their first meals. To mention a few: Danika, Jennifer, and Evelyn prepared an amazing sushi lunch while Jessica, Christina, Mandy, and Kaitlyn enjoyed their chicken quesadillas.

img_2386 img_2385 img_2372 img_2364 img_2358


 IMG_2430 IMG_2420 IMG_2418 IMG_2406

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Tofino 2016


img_2158 img_2159Today the Mini 12’s embarked on their annual spring trip to Tofino. After an early departure from Tswwassen, the students stopped at a lovely little trail called Cathedral Grove before Tofino where they saw one of Canada’s oldest and tallest old growth Douglas fir. This first day was not full of adrenaline-pumping surfing quite yet, but everyone enjoyed valuable time to just explore the nearby botanical gardens, play some card games, and create a stronger Mini bond. Blessed by beautiful weather, it was an overall great start to the Mini 12’s last trip together, and the beginning of some special memories.

img_2157 img_2155 img_2153 img_2156 img_2192 img_2195 img_2196 img_2200 img_2198-1 img_2223

img_2203img_2209What a day to surf! Despite being extremely windy and downcast, the Mini 12’s had an exciting first encounter with the waves. The waves were rather unorthodox, with small waves coming in right after another or crisscrossing near the shore, but the students were up for the challenge. Kyle, Kim, Max, Savannah, Bryanne, and Jasmin made us some delicious mac n’ cheese and hot dogs that we enjoyed on the beach. While some were out on the water, others relaxed on the beach–perhaps even a little too much, as the Mini 12’s inattentively let some crows snatch away all of our granola bars!  Shelby, Tanya, Nicola, and Emma cooked us a scrumptious assortment of steak, chicken and vegetarian fajitas for dinner while Alexa, Katie, and Jenna made us delightful bananas foster for dessert. Looking forward to another fun and thrilling continuation tomorrow.

 img_2218 img_2220 img_2221 img_7821 img_2201 img_2227 img_2197 img_2318 img_2316 img_2285 img_2311

img_2299img_2309img_2297Today was the last full day of the Mini 12’s Tofino trip. Students were eager to hit the waves again-thankfully the weather was much more sunny! In the afternoon, the students enjoyed a wonderful tour of the Botanical Gardens by owner George. Highlights included an outdoor performance stage and a large-scale sculpture comprised of remnants from the 2011 Tohoku earthquake that washed up onto the western Vancouver Island shore. We also walked into the quaint town of Tofino and explored the life of the locals. Avery, Katie, Loisa, Alexa, Bryanne, Shamil, Oneil, Max and Muhammad made us a delectable assortment of pastas for dinner (seafood cream sauce, pesto, alfredo, and tomato) and watermelon and ice cream for dessert. We finished the day with an intimate marshmallow-roasting campfire–perhaps the last one ever for the Mini 12’s. A bittersweet and precious memory to last a lifetime.

img_2328img_2292Today our trip came to an end. On our bus ride to the ferry terminal, we stopped at Coombs for a quick lunch–the area has a very village-like tourist atmosphere. Alexa won a snazzy blue T-shirt for being the best conquerer of nasty waves. As the students bathe in the sun before they get on the return ferry, their last Mini School field trip has concluded.

Bamfield 2016


IMG_2150 Bamfiled2

image1 image2 image3

Bamfield3 Bamfield5 Bamfield4 Bamfield7 Bamfield9 Bamfield10 Bamfiled15 Bamfield17

Bamfiled14 Bamfield6 Bamfield8 Bamfiled12 Bamfiled13

Bamfield18 Bamfield19 Bamfield20 Bamfield21

Updates from Ms. M. Yee, who is currently on the trip with the grade 10 students:

BamfieldThe morning salmon fishing quest was limited to a lone spring salmon with a few heart-breaking losses to the seas!  Fortunately the afternoon group landed a plethora of cod and 1 spring salmon caught by Myrah Khoja.  We are hoping the hot streak stays alive for group 2 as they head out on tomorrow’s 5:30 am salmon fishing.

 Another great day of teamwork in the kitchen.  The morning started off with the professional mixing and flipping of pancakes by Myra, Sydney, Kayla and Serena.  That was followed up by Jeffrey and Francis doing a great job on the BBQ and the chopping, dicing, and slicing by Harris, Riley and Marley contributed to a great meal.  All the students did a great job cleaning up and special props out to Olivia Reid-Friesen for helping everyone out. 

The students can’t wait to continue their cooking and cleaning skills when they get home.  They realize practice makes perfect. (Attention to Nathan and his cutting skills; Emily and Rumi on pasta pouring/serving; and Lucia using the stove.) 

IMG_2049 IMG_2053 IMG_2046

IMG_2037 IMG_2038 IMG_2039 IMG_2040 IMG_2041 IMG_2042 IMG_2043 IMG_2044 IMG_2045 IMG_2047 IMG_2051 IMG_2056 IMG_2059 IMG_2060 IMG_2061

Mr. W. Nakatani sent in the following updates for the grade 10s currently at Bamfield:

All three vessels did very well today despite choppy waters and a few sea sick sailors. Jacob Castro landed a 25 lb lingcod for a total catch of 30 fish this afternoon.

The team of Kenzie, Alia, Emma and Olivia L. cooked their hearts out preparing fish and chips, salad, mac’n cheese and carrots for dinner.

The cleanup crew of Myrah , Sydney, Serena and Kayla also did an amazingly thorough job with getting the kitchen back in order, wiping the stoves, washing dishes, wiping down the tables and mopping the floor. They now have no excuses when returning home–they are ready and able!

IMG_2055 IMG_2070 IMG_2074 IMG_2081 IMG_2082

IMG_2077 IMG_2066

IMG_2084 IMG_2090 IMG_2065 IMG_2092 IMG_2106 IMG_2125 IMG_2126 IMG_2131 IMG_2132 IMG_2142

Sydney Jayme landed the catch of the trip with this spring salmon almost half her own size! Everyone will be bringing home a variety of fresh caught bounty. There is something special about eating fish that has been caught by yourself. Fish that has not sat on the store ice chest display case for a few days. This morning Rumi Bhatia was fortunate to see a bear by the lake as he filled a pot of water for our morning breakfast by the campfire. The hike to the the caves was filled with all kinds of history and geology by the knowledgeable guides from Horne Lake. Caving for the first time can be very challenging yet extremely enjoyable for all the students. A final cleanup and no trace camping ended a great adventure to Bamfield.

IMG_2115 IMG_2120 IMG_2137 IMG_2094

Timberline 2016

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photo 3 DCIM100SPORT photo 2

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Arts Night #2 2016

DSC_8081 DSC_8082 DSC_8097 photo

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DSC_8143 DSC_8193


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DSC_8287 DSC_8317 DSC_8331 DSC_8333 DSC_8335 DSC_8340 DSC_8361 DSC_8369 DSC_8393